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Triad Plastic Supply is a major plastic distributor of industry standard plastic components like Acrylic Sheets, ABS Plastic, Lexan®, Plastic Rods, and Plastic Pipe.   We carry a deep inventory of thousands of plastic materials ready for immediate shipment.  Among our most popular products are acrylic sheets, ABS and Lexan® in sheets, rods, and pipes.  Please review our product selection under the Product & Services tab.


Triad Plastic is a full service plastic fabricator with a highly trained professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment.  Most products are produced by internal staff in our Winston-Salem, NC facility.  We can make a one-of-a-kind prototype or set up a production line and manufacture hundreds.  

Our Custom Fabrication Services Include:














Our Available Materials Include:  
























If any part of the operation requires additional services, we have access to a wide array of specialty contractors.  Call today for details.


CNC Milling

CNC Turning

Cold Forming

Custom Fabrication

Custom Machining

Cutting to Size

Cutting to Shape


Die Cutting

Die Stamping

Engineering Support



Heat Bending

Kiss Cutting

Laser Cutting

Lathe Cutting

Line Bending

Plastic Welding


Polishing, Diamond Edge

Polishing, Flame Edge

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Production Runs

Prototype Development


Screen Printing

Screw Machining


Solvent Bending

Solvent Welding


Two Axis Routing

Vacuum Forming

Welding, Hot Air

Welding, Sonic

ABS - Sheet

Acetal - Delrin, Celcon / Rod, Sheet, Tube

AcrylicRod, Sheet, Tube

NylonRod, Sheet, Tube

Cast Nylon - MD, Blue, GF / Rod, Sheet, Tube

PETG - Sheet

Phenolic -Rod, Sheet, Tube

Polycarbonate - Rod, Sheet, Tube

Polyethylene - Rod, Sheet

HDPE - "Cutting Board"

UHMW - Virgin, Repro P/S Tape, Film

Polypropylene - Sheet, Corplast

Polystyrene - (Styrene) / Sheet

PVC - Vinyl, CPVC / Sheet, Rod

Expanded PVC - (Sintra, Komatex) / Sheet

PTFE - Teflon / Rod, Sheet, Tubing P/S Tape, Film




   Retail & Industrial Custom Plastic Products,  Call Today for Details & Pricing!

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